Knoxville man victim of fatal car crash in Blount County

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car crash
MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE – Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong is sad to announce a Knoxville man was killed in a fatal car crash in Blount County Tuesday evening.
Aaron M. Christopher, 18, of Martin Mill Pike, Knoxville, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. A passenger in the vehicle, Gabriel A. Sisson, 17, of Rhea Road, Knoxville, was flown by Life Star to the University of Tennessee Medical Center. Sisson is listed in stable condition.
Deputies responded to the crash that occurred on Old Walland Highway near Melrose Station Road at 7:45 p.m. Aaron Christopher, the driver, was traveling northwest on Old Walland Highway in a 2002 Ford Explorer. As he crested a small hill that curved left, Aaron Christopher lost control of his vehicle. The vehicle left the roadway on the right side. Christopher overcorrected and the vehicle slid across the road, leaving the roadway on the left side. The vehicle struck a standing tree with the left side of the vehicle causing the vehicle to overturn and come to a rest on its top. Aaron Christopher was partially ejected, and the passenger, Gabriel Sisson was completely ejected from the vehicle through the windshield. Neither Aaron Christopher nor Gabriel Sisson were wearing seatbelts.
The Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Unit is continuing its investigation into the car crash.
Sheriff Berrong would like to extend his condolences to the family of Aaron Christopher for the loss of their loved one and wishes for a speedy recovery to Gabriel Sisson.

Louisville man charged in connection to death of infant son

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MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE – Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong said an 18-year-old Louisville man was charged Thursday in the death of his infant son.
Corey Ryan Dillow, 18, Red Hill Drive, Louisville, is in custody in the Blount County Correctional Facility. Dillow is charged with criminal homicide and aggravated child abuse. He is being held on bonds totaling $1,250,000 pending a hearing in Blount County General Sessions Court at 1:30 p.m. July 6, 2020.
Sheriff’s deputies responded to Dillow’s residence on Red Hill Drive in Louisville Wednesday where they found the infant unresponsive. Deputies attempted CPR on the infant before AMR Ambulance Service arrived and transported
him to Children’s Hospital in Knoxville where he was pronounced dead.
Investigators are continuing their inquiry into the case. The image is courtesy of BCSO Facebook. 

Sheriff’s Office awards several commendations

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MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE – Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong is proud to announce the Sheriff’s Office awarded three commendations to two deserving law enforcement officers and one heroic former law enforcement officer. The three commendations were awarded during a short ceremony at the Blount County Justice Center this morning.
Deputy Chief Jeff French awarded a Lifesaving Commendation to Blount County Sheriff’s Deputy Devan Teaster. On July 5, Deputy Teaster saved the life of Eric Spears following a car accident. Deputy Teaster saw that Spears’ arm was seriously injured. A few days prior, Deputy Teaster received TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) training and learned how to properly administer a tourniquet. Deputy Teaster saw that Mr. Spears’ arm was bleeding profusely and knew the bleeding had to be stopped. Deputy Teaster acted on his training and applied a tourniquet to Mr. Spears’ arms, stopping the bleeding. Though Mr. Spears’ ultimately lost his arm due to the severity of the injury, surgeons stated that Deputy Teasters’ quick and proper emergency care saved Mr. Spears’ life. Deputy Teaster has been employed with the Sheriff’s Office since 2015 is a School Resource Officer.

The family of Eric Spears, who was seriously injured in a car accident on July 5, were present this morning to thank Deputy Devan Teaster for saving the life of Eric Spears.

Sheriff Berrong also awarded a Law Enforcement Commendation and a Citizen Service Award to University of Tennessee Police Department Asst. Chief Sean Patterson and his wife Anaida Patterson, respectively. On June 28, the Patterson’s were visiting Blount County and traveling U.S. Highway 321 West near the Big Springs Road exit when they came upon a vehicle pulled to the side of the road and saw frantic activity within the vehicle. Asst. Chief Patterson and Anaida Patterson, who are both retired law enforcement officers from New York Police Department, knew something was wrong based on their training and experience. The Pattersons turned around and saw the baby’s mother outside the car holding an unconscious infant boy. The baby, Joseph, was choking on a piece of food.
The Pattersons immediately took control of the situation, and using their training and rendered first aid by delivering back blows which dislodged the food. Baby Joseph began breathing again, regained consciousness, and suffered no lasting effects from the incident.
Several co-workers, friends, and family members of the law enforcement officers and the grateful victims were in attendance at the ceremony.
The Sheriff’s Lifesaving Award is conferred upon a sworn or civilian employee who is directly responsible for saving a life.

Asst. Chief Patterson and his wife Anaida Patterson (pictured center) saved the life of Baby Joseph on June 28.

The Citizen Service Award may be conferred on any citizen who is not an employee of the Sheriff’s Office, and the act or achievement must be directly related to the overall law enforcement objectives of the Sheriff’s Office that may include extraordinary heroism or unselfish devotion to a fellow human being, or meritorious achievement in the performance of civic responsibility.
The Law Enforcement Commendation is awarded to a law enforcement officer from another agency who brings credit to themselves, their agency, and the Blount County Sheriff’s Office for an exceptional act clearly resulting in the saving of a life, or performing an act of valor that aids someone who is clearly in need, and who goes above and beyond for an individual, while the law enforcement officer is on or off duty and within the jurisdiction of Blount County.
The sheriff’s office recently awarded several other officers for their life-saving efforts, read about it here.

Phone scammer posing as a BCSO officer

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MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE – Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong is asking the public to beware of another phone scammer who is posing as a Sheriff’s deputy and harassing citizens with phony phone calls.
The Sheriff’s Office became aware of the phone scam today. The individual claims to be Sgt. McAlister of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office. The originating phone number is ringing in as the Blount County Sheriff’s Office mainline, (865)273-5000, but the call is NOT coming from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, and the caller is “spoofing” that number. The Blount County Sheriff’s Office also does not employ anyone by the name of Sgt. McAlister. When the scammer leaves a phone message, he is asking for a return call at (865)344-0059.
Please do not become a victim of this criminal activity. If you receive a call from the BCSO mainline and the caller claims to be Sgt. McAlister of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, hang up.
No employee of the BCSO will EVER call an individual to tell them they have unpaid fines, or that they will be arrested because they missed jury duty. We will NOT call an individual and tell them they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest and that they must pay the fine or they will be arrested.
Deputies with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office routinely call citizens regarding Sheriff’s Office business, but it will never be to ask for money. If you ever suspect you are being scammed, you can call (865)273-5000 to verify that the individual is employed with the BCSO.
Please share this information with your family and friends.

Sheriff says goodbye to three retiring deputies

retiring deputies
MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE – Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong and the deputies of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office are saying goodbye to three long-time deputies who are retiring or scheduled for retirement in the next few weeks.
The Sheriff’s Office honored and thanked Deputies John Douglas, P.K. Gregory, and Kim “Boo Boo” Roach at a lunchtime event today. Sheriff Berrong presented each deputy with an inscribed memory box and a State of Tennessee flag flown over the state capitol.

L to R: Sheriff Berrong and John Douglas

Deputy P.K. Gregory retired in April after serving the Sheriff’s Office and Blount County for 21 years. During her career at the Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Gregory served as a corrections officer, school resource officer, and most recently in court services.
Deputy John Douglas retired in June. Deputy Douglas served with the Sheriff’s Office for 22 years. He began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in adult corrections and retired after a long tenure in court services.
Deputy Kim “Boo Boo” Roach started her career with the Sheriff’s Office 16 years ago. She spent her career serving as a clerk in jail records and most recently as a clerk in court services.
Sheriff Berrong is grateful for the loyalty and dedication each of these deputies has given.
“We have been blessed with the service and dedication of these three deputies,” Sheriff Berrong said. “Each one of them has dedicated a good portion of their lives serving this agency and this community. I wish them only the best as they begin their well-deserved retirement.” Images of retiring deputies are courtesy of BCSO. PK Gregory pictured in featured image.

L to R: Sheriff Berrong and Kim Roach

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