The Smokey Mountain Air Show had a Huge Turnout!

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TN – The Smokey Mountain Air Show was a huge success for East Tennessee residents. Local law enforcement shares their perspective.

Following, the Navy Blues and many more aircrafts took the sky with the support of thousands of Tennesseans this last weekend. Despite the deary weather on Saturday, the show continued on. Local food vendors and the famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses were all sponsored by DENSO.

According to the Smokey Mountain venue, there were concerns about US Golden Knights landing safely with the gusts of wind. Luckily, the parachutes were all able to maintain steady descent to the ground.

Smokey Mountain Air Show representative said,” Every year the US Golden Knights fly south from Florida. Thousands of free fall jumps are executed for to prepare the jumpers for pilot accuracy.”

Overall, Blount County was happy to see each event propel through the skies with the accuracy pilots have been striving for all year!

The show had a huge turnout rate for the Smokey Mountain venue, and they want to share their appreciation for the fans. As they would not be able to do it without the support of Blount and Knoxville.

Continuing, the Blount County Sheriff Department wants to thank everyone for their patience with the deputies on the roadways. The traffic had maintained steady flow even with the amount of people who ended up turning up.

Concluding, the pictures are the perspectives of local law and Smokey Air! All photo rights are that of Smokey Mountain Venue and Blount County Sheriff Department.

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