Public addresses New Zoning Study in Blount County

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MARYVILLE, TN – A public zoning hearing has been held on September 13, 2022. The Board of Commissioners meet today to hear the public discuss property expansions for new homes and community growth options.

Public Opinion

To begin, Billy Thomas said,” I know that District Two is considering multifamily complexes within the county. We moved out to Blount because we can stretch our legs and it’s peaceful. I worry multifamily complexes will make the city expand limits and would potentially have to expand the infostructures within the city. District Two has some concerns regarding affordable housing, the zoning change will make things worse for affordably.”

Mentioning, many property owners here are concerned with condensing down land and telling companies the unknown proposal on the board. Opposing Blount members believe there needs to be more extensive planning to avoid mess-ups.

Following, Jason Reeves said, “Growth is continuing in District Seven. The community here is in favor of expanding lots for more housing. People are more interested in home mortgages, and they need to consider the property lands.”

District Six Public Member said, “Citizens are more concerned with large 300 plus lots of subdivisions. These lot expansions need to happen for new complexes to come in. Traffic accidents in Maryville have increased and jailhouses are overflowing here. The hospitals have the worst emergency room treatment service in Blount County and the county roads are narrow and hilly. We do not have the necessary improvements for more people.”

Continuing Public Opinion

District Four Member said,” We should restrict the number of building permits and maybe the city needs to buy property for Blount County. Considering you spent 4 million on synthetic turf, we could buy more property for affordable housings and natural land for community farming.”

Continuing, District Two Member said,” This is absolutely beautiful county. Many people have a lot of different needs. This does not have to be beauty and preservation vs development. We can have both. The need for housing is always going to exist. A lot of people are not thrilled about out of state people coming in and buying their local homes out. I want to see some smart development plans. Please, I would ask that you sit back and consider the Thursday voting. We have a responsibility as leaders to make sure this is done the right way. Homes are the most valuable assets for families.”

Next, District Four Member said, “Affordable housing is defined by only paying 30% of your income to your home. As a developer myself, it costs about 100,000 to develop one acre of land here in Blount County. A builder cannot build homes that locals can afford. I can see a bad housing policy. This is one. Wait for any data that would suggest the outcome you’re looking for in subordinance.”

Mother from District Two said,” I am in favor of the housing development. I want to give my kids to have the forestry. We cannot replace the trees and wildlife here in Blount County so please consider that. The housing costs are temporary, and we need to make this decision based on the wildlife and kids. I think people from out of state are very progressive as well. Things are getting better.”

Concluding, Board of Commissioners are considering new zoning for affordable developments for homes, keeping the locals here, and confronting the growth studies in Blount County.

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