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KNOXVILLE, TN – Helping Mamas is on a mission to provide essential supplies to families in need. The baby supply bank offers everything from diapers to period supplies for women throughout Georgia and now Tennessee!

Following, the group has recently mobilized their business in Knoxville to ensure baby supplies on the go!

Next, the Executive Director of Helping Mamas has responded to questions from FetchYourNews. Tess Frear shares some information about statistics and what donations the company takes.

Helping Mama Statements

  1. When did Helping Mamas start and why?

Tess Frear said, “After nearly 20 years as a social worker, Jamie Lackey saw first-hand that the mothers she served couldn’t afford the basic necessities to care for their babies and children. The statistics remain staggering – one in three families in the US can’t afford diapers. So, in 2014, she took a leap and founded Helping Mamas, with a mission to collect and donate baby supplies to organizations who serve women and children in need in Georgia. As her cousin, I opened the Tennessee office at the end of 2018. They now have over 60 partner agencies across the state serving over 7,000 families to distribute essential baby items such as diapers, clothing, baby wipes, strollers and car seats.”

2. What public assistance programs are you offering?

Tess Frear said, “We work directly with our 60 partner agencies to get items to families and need. This assured that families have direct support from our partner agencies and that our partner agency doesn’t have to spend so much time looking for items. It’s the perfect partnership in Knoxville and Georgia. You can find the agencies in Knoxville here.”

3. Have you signed with a manufacturer since expanding or do you still mainly take local donations?

Tess Frear said, “We take gently used donations from local donors. We write grants for products that we have to have that are new. The items that we only take new are car seats, bottles and pacifiers. This is due to liability.”

Concluding, Helping Mamas is ensuring long term support and prioritizing the mission Jamie Lackey founded. The mobilization in Knoxville is progressively pushing towards more support and overall wellness within the community.


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