Medal of Honor Committee is awarding Top Gun Glen Powell

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KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – The Medal of Honor Celebration Committee is awarding the Bob Hope award to Glen Powell this September. Knoxville is welcoming its first recipient of the award since 2014.

Following, the Medal of Honor Celebration is a gathering for the military’s highest Valors. On September 10th, Glen Powell will join his fellow award recipients at the Patriot Awards Met Gala in Knoxville. Mentioning, those fellow recipients include Ambassador Nikki Haley, NBC News Correspondent Courtney Kube and Dr. Timothy Miller.

The Bob Hope Award, in particular, honors people who have exhibited outstanding portrayals of the military in film or literature. Glen Powell will receive this award for his work in the movie “Hangman.” Other recipients of the award include Gary Sinise from “Forrest Gump” and Clint Eastwood from “Heartbreak Ridge.”

Powell’s Statements and Honor Society

According to press release,

Powell said, “I’ve spent most of my career trying to tell the stories of our men and women in uniform with integrity and accuracy.” He continues, “The heroes I have attempted to emulate on screen have become my family in real life. This award for me is the most special of my career in that it’s given to me by a community in which I have the upmost respect, and admiration for.”

Also, the award-winning actor starred in the Oscar-nominated film “Hidden Figures” and is most known for his work in “Top Gun: Maverick” as of today.

Next, Glen Powell’s newest film will air on November 23. He will be starring in the war depiction “Devotion.” Mentioning, “Devotion” tells the story of well-known Navy Fighter Pilots in the Korean War.

Continuing, the Medal of Honor Society is a brotherhood for all living medal recipients. The society promotes patriotism and the love of our country. The “unwavering devotion” goes to the veterans who have served and those who represent veterans of service. Each Medal of Honor tells a story of its own deserving American symbolism.

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