Blount County Commissioners Squash Synthetic Turf Dispute

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TENNESSEE – The Blount County Commissioners and Board of Education addressed synthetic turf and lead concerns today on August 18th, 2022.

To begin, the Board of Commissioners addressed all incumbent members who stepped down on August 4th, 2022. Following, those who have been newly appointed for the next four-year term were recognized.

Main Discussions

All commissioners have been tackling replacing New Heritage High School’s and William Blount High School’s football fields with synthetic turf. Following, the school lead and roof repair updates have been released for Blount County Schools.

Synthetic Turf Talk

At this time, two fields in Blount County Schools are completely authentic grass. The first item on the agenda addresses the authentic grass and votes to move the installment of the synthetic turf project. The process is an extensive one for BCS because it costs sport time, company investment, and 4 million dollars to be exact.

The Board of Commissioners are conflicted about this because people are looking to save money this year in tax revenues, while others are looking to invest in the athletic fields of schools this year.

Continuing, supporters say 41 schools in East TN have already transitioned to turf. The synthetic turf prioritizes athletic time on the fields and pushes for more opportunity outside. Many coaches spend their time tending to the field instead of coaching on the field. Supporters argue the synthetic turf focuses beneficial exercise for students.

Following, critics say the investment does not need to go into the synthetic turf. There are more serious concerns. Which include, repairs still needed within both schools and an entirely new school’s building installment. Continuing, the budgeting towards the project could go into more agriculture and livestock for students.

Both sides are looking for ways to budget for the best outcomes for students interested in extra curriculums.

The resolution 22-8 Budget Increase of 3.8 billion towards the synthetic turf installment of both Heritage High School and William Blount has been voted 16 – 3.

The motion to install synthetic turf for two BCS Fields have been approved.




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