Incumbent Commissioners Standing Strong

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TN – The County Commission has 13 seats up for grabs in this County General Election. After the primaries, there are 16 incumbent commissioners in the race fighting for a secure seat within their district.


According to the Board of Commissioners office, there are 10 districts among Blount County. There is a total of 21 candidates who serve on those districts. Once a candidate wins a seat, they will serve a four – year term. These local elections are important because the county commissioners adopt annual budgets, increase or decrease property tax rates, and adopt resolutions for the towns within their districts.

Incumbent Candidates

There are 16 candidates up for re-election on this primary ballot.

Following, only five candidates will be uncontested this year.

Regarding below, these are contested incumbent commissioners in the General Election for Blount County:

District One

1. Jackie Hill Democratic Seat A:

    • Jackie Hill works on the CARES Committee and Animal Center Board. She was the first African American woman elected on TN Commission.

District Two

2. Mike Akard Republican Seat A:

    • Mike Akard wants to get term limits in place and works on Education Committee and Public Service.

District Three

4. Mike Caylor Republican Seat B:

    • Mike Caylor works on the budget committee and Emergency Medical Board.

District Four 

5. Robbie Bennett Republican Seat A:

    • Robbie Bennett wants to focus on police systems and greater highways.

District Five 

7. Jared Anderson Republican Seat A:

    • Jared Anderson helps at the New Hope Advocacy Center and on Public Safety.

8. Rick Carver Republican Seat B:

    • Rick Carver represents veterans and is a native of Blount.

District Six

9. Nick Bright Republican Seat A:

    • Nick Bright works on planning commission for Blount.

District Seven

10. Tom Stinnett Republican Seat A:

    • Stinnett is from Blount County and advocates for better jobs.

11. Staci Crisp-Lawhorn Republican Seat B:

    • Lawhorn is an advocate for families in Blount and clean community.

District Eight 

12. Brad Bowers Republican Seat A:

    • Brad Bowers works on Beer Board and Planning.

13. Jeff Jopling Republican Seat B:

    • Jeff Jopling is an alumnus for agriculture and volunteers in Townsend.


District Nine

15. Steve Mikels Republican Seat B:

    • Steve Mikels works on public safety and is a former veteran.


Concluding, these are brief statements found on the candidates up for re-election. More information can be found on candidates through the County Commission website.


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