Contested Commissioners Standing Ground

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TN – The new contested county commissioners are racing up against incumbent commissioners this county general election. New contested nominees will be on the ballot this August 4, 2022.


According to the Board of Commissioners office, there are 10 districts among Blount County. There is a total of 21 candidates who serve on those districts. Once a candidate wins a seat, they will serve a four – year term. These local elections are important because the county commissioners adopt annual budgets, increase or decrease property tax rates, and adopt resolutions within their districts.

New Candidate Commissioners

There are 14 new candidates racing on primary ballot.

Following, only five candidates will be uncontested this year.

Regarding below, these are contested commissioners in the General Election for Blount County:

District One

Jessica Hannah Republican Seat A:

    • Jessica Hannah is campaigning for a “voice for the voiceless.” She works alongside Leadership Blount for graduating classes.

Earl McMahan Republican Seat B:

    • Earl McMahan was uncontested in County Primary and is a previous principal of BCS.

Nicki Bolinger Democrat Seat B:

    • Nicki Bolinger is committed to ensuring new policies for Blount.

District Two

Tracey Farr Democrat Seat A:

    • Tracey Farr is promoting safe community and keeping Blount Beautiful.

District Three 

Nathan R. Farnham Democrat Seat A:

    • Nathan Farnham is running for District Three.

Robert K. Hanye Democrat Seat B:

    • Robert Hanye is focusing on public policy problem solving.

District Four

Corinne Dooley Democrat Seat A:

    • Corinne Dooley is promoting new jobs and affordable housing.

District Five 

Jenny Jordan Democrat Seat B:

    • Jenny Jordan is focusing on recycling and affordable housing.

District Six 

Phil Tiehen Democrat Seat A:

    • Phil Tiehen is promoting community engaged planning.

Misty Davis Republican Seat B:

    • Misty Davis is focusing on US history and community involvement.

District Seven 

Sheldon Sapoznik Democrat Seat A:

    • Sheldon Sapoznik is focusing on stopping over development.

District Eight

John Ross Conley Democrat Seat A:

    • John Ross Conley is promoting community involvement.

Phil Young Democrat Seat B:

    • Phil Young is focusing on farmland growth and veteran health.

District Nine

Alice Wardrep Democrat Seat B:

    • Alice Wardrep is focusing on community needs and healthcare.


Concluding, new candidates will be racing against incumbent candidates. Adding, the incumbent candidates will be listed in a similar separate article.

Overall, more information can be found through research of candidates’ social media and campaign.



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