Phone scammer posing as a BCSO officer

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MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE – Blount County Sheriff James Lee Berrong is asking the public to beware of another phone scammer who is posing as a Sheriff’s deputy and harassing citizens with phony phone calls.
The Sheriff’s Office became aware of the phone scam today. The individual claims to be Sgt. McAlister of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office. The originating phone number is ringing in as the Blount County Sheriff’s Office mainline, (865)273-5000, but the call is NOT coming from the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, and the caller is “spoofing” that number. The Blount County Sheriff’s Office also does not employ anyone by the name of Sgt. McAlister. When the scammer leaves a phone message, he is asking for a return call at (865)344-0059.
Please do not become a victim of this criminal activity. If you receive a call from the BCSO mainline and the caller claims to be Sgt. McAlister of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office, hang up.
No employee of the BCSO will EVER call an individual to tell them they have unpaid fines, or that they will be arrested because they missed jury duty. We will NOT call an individual and tell them they have an outstanding warrant for their arrest and that they must pay the fine or they will be arrested.
Deputies with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office routinely call citizens regarding Sheriff’s Office business, but it will never be to ask for money. If you ever suspect you are being scammed, you can call (865)273-5000 to verify that the individual is employed with the BCSO.
Please share this information with your family and friends.

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