Ms. Sandra Solomon and Mr. Ricky Williams each honored with Citizen Service Commendation


Sheriff James Lee Berrong along with Deputy Shelby Eggers and several other deputies were finally able to pay a proper tribute and say a heartfelt thank you to two citizens who selflessly placed themselves in harms way when they both stopped to assist Deputy Eggers and Deputy Greg McCowan on the night of February 8, 2024.

Sheriff Berrong presented Citizen Service Awards to Ms. Sandra Solomon and Mr. Ricky Williams in a small gathering at the Justice Center for their heroic deeds.

Ms. Solomon and Mr. Williams were individually driving home on Sevierville Road immediately following the shooting death of Deputy McCowan and the injury of Deputy Eggers at the hands of a murderer who fled the scene after shooting the deputies. Placing their own lives at risk, Ms. Solomon and Mr. Williams came to the aid of the deputies. Mr. Williams successfully assisted Deputy Eggers with placing a tourniquet on her injured leg, and Mr. Williams and Ms. Solomon both provided comfort to Deputy Eggers and continued to check on Deputy McCowan until deputies arrived on the scene. Their actions are beyond valorous—neither individual knew the dangers they could face by stopping to help, but they stopped and helped anyway.

We were honored to present Ms. Sandra Solomon and Mr. Ricky Williams each with our Citizen Service commendation. This commendation is awarded rarely and only to citizens who go above and beyond for their fellownman. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough. We are grateful.

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