Tellico Plains say road closures will affect tourism

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TN – Residents of Tellico Plains held a meeting Saturday afternoon to discuss road closure on Cherokee National Forrest. People believe this may negatively affect the local economy.

Following, the Tellico District Forrest Service has made a decision to close the North River Road beginning on October 1st. The road closure will extend out to the end of hunting season.

Locals of Monroe County are concerned because this is the thick of tourism season for the National Forrest. Barry Duckett said,” This time is crucial for tourism in Tellico Plains. The road closure is going to affect all the hunts, the fishermen, the leaf lookers, and the Jeep riders. There are a lot of local businesses here in Tellico Plains. Since hunting season is a major season for making money, this could make or break them.”

The meeting on Saturday afternoon was held to discuss the next steps. People have taken the initiative and have asked the Forrest Service to postpone the closure until the start of next year.

However, the Forrest Service has not responded and continued to push for the closure. Tennessee Congressman Chuck Fleischmann also attended the meeting. He said he has reached out to get some answers for the people in Tellico Plains.

He said, “Hunting is important. People buy licenses, people come here, and they spend money.”

Currently, the North River Road will be closed on October 1st despite the concerns. The Forrest Service has not left comments.

Mentioning, the Monroe County local newsbreak by WBIR corresponded with FYN News for statements.

Coverage has been made for tourism purposes.

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