Blount County Schools Address Lead Concerns in Water Sources

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TENNESSEE – Blount County Schools are addressing lead concerns in water fountains and sinks. Some water sources in Blount County Schools have tested positive for lead.

According to Blount County Schools, water sources like these were tested last spring and retesting is happening currently. After receiving funding, the samples are coming in slowly and will be revealed over time.

The Blount County School District is still waiting for all water sourced results.

In the meantime, impacted schools have blocked off water that tested positive for lead.

Adding, it is federal law to take action when hazardous results of lead come up in dust, paint, water, or air. This includes regular testing of lead contamination. Lead is a pollutant under many laws through the EPA including the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act.

Concluding, the ways you can address lead concerns at home are washing hands frequently, buying lead testing kits, and getting your city water or well water tested by a professional.

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