Board of Commissioners approve funding for Library

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TN – The Blount County Board of Commissioners held a meeting on September 16th, 2022. Local commissioners approved new funding and affirmed agenda schedules.

To begin, the Board of Commissioners appoint the newest Board members to their new positions. These new positions include placements on the Beer Board, Human Resources, Planning Commission, and Human Resources.

Continuing, the Board of Commissioners sift through the agenda of new reimbursements and payment increases.

Funding in Blount County

The Blount County Library will receive 946,980 for reroofing and building improvements. Continuing, the Board of Commission will be reimbursed by Maryville City and Alcoa City pertaining to the library funds.

Next, a new Growth and Development planning program in Blount County will be funded. These general services include growth development programs for the city that are still up for discussion. This planning program received 95,000.

David Wells said,” A lot of people are concerned with this bouldering Blount County. We are ensuring this is going to be a visionary plan for the people of Blount County.”

Following, the 95,000 dollars will be for the residents of Blount County and the programs at their expense.

Also, there will be a new vehicle for Emergency Management in Blount County will be bought. This uplifts a lot of concerns residents have with the Emergency Services getting out to residents on time.

Continuing, the City of Friendsville is transferring money to Blount County for the American Rescue program. Also, the Board of Commissioners will be donating 12,000 dollars to the Animal Shelter for a new washing machine.


Next, the Board of Commissioners discuss upcoming meetings. The main meeting that had been in question was the Election Day Workshop meeting on November 4th at 6:30 p.m. Overall, most commissioners still voted to have the meeting despite conflicting concerns with Election Day.

Following, there will be a meeting on Tuesday October 25th for the Drug Committee Program. The Board of Commissioners will discuss the newest drug programs implemented at the beginning of the school year.



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