Blount Sheriff and Deputies are now Sworn in Under Oath

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TN – Members of the Blount County Police Force went under oath on September 1st, 2022. Maryville Sheriff and Deputies held the ceremony at the Blount County courthouse.

Sheriff Oath

Following, Sheriff Berrong has been sworn by the Blount County judiciary. Alongside of BCSO deputies,

Sheriff Berrong said, “I, Sheriff James Lee Berrong do solemnly swear that I will perform with fidelity the duties of the office; to which I have been appointed, and which I am about to assume.

I do solemnly swear to support the constitutions of Tennessee and the United States, and to faithfully perform the duties of the office of the Deputy Sheriff for Blount County, Tennessee. I further swear that I have not promised or given, nor will I give any fee, gift, gratuity, or reward for this office or for aid in procuring this office; that I will not take any fee, gift, bribe, or gratuity for returning any person as a juror or for making any false return of an process and that I will faithfully execute the office of deputy sheriff to the best of my knowledge and ability, agreeably by law.”

Continuing, all deputies of Blount County have been represented and accounted for as well. After careful city consideration, the deputies who have been elected have also sworn to protect Blount County through and through.

Further, Sheriff Berrong goes on to thank all citizens of Blount County for trusting him to fulfill his duties. He vows to continue to keep Blount County a safe place to raise families. Sheriff and Deputies will serve for the next four years.

Adding, the current Chief of Police in Maryville is Tony Crisp and Blount County Head Deputy is Jeff French.

Concluding, the members listed above have been sworn in to protect and serve Blount County.

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