Catch the Luck of the Irish Fest This Year

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KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – May your pockets be full, and your heart be light this Irish Fest on the Hill! This weekend the Church of Immaculate Conception is hosting the festival on July 13th, 2022.

Soon, pack up your shillings because out by the old city Knoxville over 2,000 guests will be celebrating in luck! The event will be held between 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm this weekend. Following, Tickets will cost adults ten dollars at the door and there is free entry for children and pets.

After two long years, Irish fest is making a comeback with big bands and good food! The 13th annual festival will also be hosting events that range from red hair Mary to evening mass.

This Saturday, volunteers are needed, and the church is offering community service hours to students as well. Continuing, the church needs help with setup, food prep, sales, admissions, and kid activities. Beth Wolf can be contacted at 865-679-0535.

Also, a silent auction is being held as well. The important component is to give back to the Knoxville Community so please consider lightly used items from your family or workplace for auction. Juliet McVay can be contacted at [email protected].

Next, the church’s cooking staff are accepting baked goods as well. They are hoping for Irish recipes from local families to maintain the lucky spirit! This includes anything from tarts, cobblers, puddings, and much more. Marylin can be contacted from the staff at [email protected].

Come on out to the Irish Fest this year to support the heritage.

“May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow! May trouble avoid you wherever you go!”

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