Blount PRIDE Builds Visionary for Maryville City

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TN – Blount County hosted a Blount PRIDE event at Greenbelt Pavilion in Maryville on July 30, 2022. Many faces came out to support and bring representation to the PRIDE Community.

Following, there were about 600 – 1000 locals who showed up for local event.

To begin, FetchYourNews interviewed one of the PRIDE administrators.


The administrator said,” Blount PRIDE started in 2019 and we had our first large event of about 700 people. It started around the idea that it was 50 years after the Stonewall Uprisings.”

He continues, “Life had changed so much for LGBTQ people in the US and in Blount County. We had lots of people in our community facing discrimination in the workplace and housing. They felt unsafe in their own community.”

He said,” It is harder and that is an objective truth. We want people to know that they can build a life full of joy and loving connection right here in this community.”

Administrator continues to say, “Our goals for today would be to bring visionary for the LGBTQ community and show them our resources. I think as a queer person, it is really easy to feel isolated and think that there is not a place for me here. Our focus is to meet the community’s needs and welcome everyone with love.”

Continuing, there were East Tennessee organizations talking with individuals about social resources. Also, those organizations included Foothill Players, Theatre Troop, Knoxville Chorus, and nonprofit organizations like United Way.

The event also hosted several PRIDE friendly bands and drag shows throughout the day.

Also, PRIDE made way for local food vendors, social teen exercises, art expression, and bubbles!

Mentioning, picture listed states: “Queer People Are Woven Into the Fabric of This Community.”



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