Blount County Community takes on Primaries

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Blount County, TN – With Blount County Elections around the corner, several questions about the ballot have come up in the Blount County community. These questions pertain to topics such as early voting importance, dates and times, and registration status.

To begin, dates and times for voting and upcoming elections are provided.

Following, FetchYourNews has spoken with local poll workers briefly for statements on the voting atmosphere and early voting importance.

Dates and Times

To start, early voting ends on July 30, 2022.

Also, residents can check their voting registration status through the Secretary of State’s Website.

As long as registration was within the 30-day window of time before primary elections, residents can vote in this primary.

This election day is on August 4, 2022.

Continuing, the Blount County community will be voting in the Federal and State Primary, the County General, and the Friendsville and Townsend City Elections.

FetchYourNews will be making a series of the Blount County Election. Upcoming articles will include ballot breakdowns and introduction to candidates.

Early Voting Importance

Following, the main poll officer said, “People are energetic and pleased to be here. With respect to the ballot, voters are encouraged to do their diligence and research before they come. That being said, early voting can happen anywhere in Blount County for residents. When they wait until the fourth; voters must go to their designated voting spot.”

Also, he said, “When residents vote early, we can help them with cosmetic issues. Say they have a Jr. in their name that they forget to include, we can easily go in and fix those things when early voting is considered. It is much harder to fill in those issues on election day.”

Poll officers in Blount County are accommodating and encouraging towards the voting process thus far.

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