Real Time Crime Center with Knoxville City Council

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KNOXVILLE, TN – On July 12, 2022, all members of the city council were present. Meeting has taken place in Knoxville at 6 p.m. Real Time Crime Center has been discussed.


To begin, the Council motions to approve the increase of lease amendment with Knoxville Knox County E911 for design and construction costs for new public safety building.

Following the motion to approve, the property off Sharps Ridge will be transferable to the current E911 facility. Board members discussed how the tower work will not affect the Sharp Ridge trails or public park.

Continuing, there is a design of a Real Time Crime Center for Knoxville‘s new police department.


Continuing, this agenda is only over the design work for the Crime Center.

The Council moved topic into discussion and shared thoughts on advancing security.

Highlighted discussions follow,

Starting out, Member Amelia Parker discusses similar notion plans and pushes for the black communities and others to be recognized for their personal pain with gun violence.

She adds, “These cameras are known to be low quality and misidentify. There are no constraints in place…I feel like it is our responsibility to have a broader conversation instead of just giving free reign. We should delay this until we get a subordinance in place.”

Also, Council Member Singh said,” Even though this is for safety, I want this city to be connected. This feels like a separation. It is more like big brother. Although this is only for design today, this is also the first discussion, and it feels like government over breach.”

Next, Chief Noel said,” The main purpose is to identify real time crimes so we can spring into action and identify who the perpetrators are. Secondly, the call center can use the cameras to see if they can support responding officers and the cameras provide situational awareness at public events.”

He also discusses the anticipated conversations about locations for cameras in the city and its importance with Board Member Mckenzie who agrees with the cause.

Then, Vice Major Roberto said, “Tonight’s agenda is really about physical design and building space. I think it is important to focus on what this is and what this is not, and this is really focusing on helping the violent crime that has happened and not monitoring everything all the time.”

Chief Noel responded,” That’s a good point. We need permission for private video so we cannot tap into anything. This is really about aiding the police force…. The deployment of cameras will be primary associated with dealing with violent crime in the city.”


The City Council acknowledges all sides.

Following, the motion was approved.

Knoxville is moving towards surveillance and will continue to release policies on designs of Real Crime Center.


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