Maryville City Council Meeting

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MARYVILLE, TN – The Maryville city council called a meeting to order on July 5th, 2022. The following members were present: Major Andy White, Councilmembers Sarah Herron, Fred Metz, Drew Miles, and Tommy Hunt. Also present were City Manager Greg McClain, City Recorder Sherri Phillips, and City Attorney Melanie Davis.

Meeting Agenda

To begin, Major White touched on subjects regarding annual budget and providing revenues for the fiscal year beginning July 1st. The adoption of those funds has proceeded.

Following, the public meeting regards to historic zoning for fencing, roofs, and exterior materials. Also, the public meeting regards to the revision of an alleyway between Walter Avenue and Boardman Avenue.

More Taxicabs are under consideration after this meeting. As well as the reviewing of more zones for industrial business and properties.

Financial Impacts

Including in agenda, financial gains for the city and drawbacks for the city of Maryville.

Historic Zoning Regulations actions have no impact on the city’s financial situation. The Historic Zoning moves to a wood picket fence and roofing that is materially accurate to building.

The city has pushed back this proposal twice in last months.

Moreover, Historic Commision Board voted for proposal towards defining differences between supplies with Development Services.

Following that, the alleyway with abandoned buildings using electric and water utilities is under financial revision.

John T. Hawk has requested alleyway for driveway purposes. Current property owners have agreed to have necessary division and subdivision of alleyway.

Financial Impact will be reported to Register of Deeds office and to city attorney present. If abandoned by city and revised to private owners, it will alleviate city from liability.

Meeting Extensions and Cancels

Overall, the first Maryville City Council meeting regarding agenda was on June 7th, 2022.

During meeting, Ordinance Book of the City recorded, and Major Andy White said ordinance.  Council Members revised agenda and voted for water utility extension for alleyway.

Zoning Appeals on June 7th, 2022, meeting has been cancelled.

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