The Clash Isn’t Coming, It’s Already Here


Written by George McClellan

Nearly every day since the 2016 election campaign began we read of some demented
Progressive somewhere attacking folks wearing MAGA or Trump 2020 hats, or running down
Republican registration booths with automobiles. Somehow these perpetrators have gotten the
idea, even after being arrested and charged with only a misdemeanor, that they are freely and
righteously entitled to physically assault Conservatives, including even children, because
everybody knows Conservatives are “bad”the media says so, and therefore it’s okay!

Precisely the same thing is happening with the uncontrolled introduction of Islam into our
culture. Attacks on American streets are happening daily with some nutcase screaming”Allahu
Akbar” before stabbing all the people they can within their reach, and nobody knows.

The flood of disease ridden illegals swarming across our borders to seek safety in Sanctuary
Cities is indicative of how far off the path America’s cultural establishment has drifted in favor of
Progressive political dogma (Commies). And the Progressive media refuses to report on these
assaults, depredations and outrages and won’t unless there’s blood in the streets.

The refusal by Government at all levels to protect Americans from these street crawling
degenerates who deign to attack anybody at anytime, anywhere, reflects poorly on the elite
political class’s long established but failed social policies of multiculturalism, diversity and
inclusion. Political correctness rules over all and you resist at your own peril. You can be sure
you will be the one charged with criminal offenses or worse, sued, if you should defend yourself.

But, in support of President Trumps own “Out Loud” resistance to attacks by the cretin’s of the
elite deep state against him, personally and his policies generally, the general American
populations resistance to Progressivisms social and economic failures is also growing, but is not
organized. More people show up at public events wearing MAGA and Trump 2020 hats and
clothing, and more people exhibiting less fear to face off against the progressive protesters.

But the Left’s “Never Trump” dementia continues as Chuckie Schumer so ably demonstrated on
the steps of the Supreme Court last week, screaming inane threats to Trumps first and only two
conservative appointees to the bench.

Many American cities have falling into the hands of these Progressive thinkers and more are
likely to come. Police Officers are under daily physical attack because these progressive
officials cater exclusively to the least among us to the detriment of the best. The once beautiful
San Francisco has become a sewer and virtual homeless camp filled with disease ridden people
who have themselves abandoned any pretext to civilized society.

Who could possible believe in the sanctuary cities concept except people who are determine to
"fundamentally change America" through enforced social policies contrary to real Americanism
and that includes Islam. We are preached to that It is Islamaphobic to label all muslims as
terrorists or label the majority of Americans who question Islam and Muslims as Islamaphobe’s.

But, why not? Because 92% of Muslim candidates for offices, refuse to express support for the
US Constitution because Sharia Law forbids it. Congress must explicitly outlaw Sharia Law as
having any role in Americas existence and kick out all muslims who refuse to swear allegiance
on the Constitution. The more these foreign concepts are allowed to grow in our schools, cities
and towns, the harder it will be to stop ’em. They will resist as they always do, violently!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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