Has Mediocracy Become the Acceptable Standard of Performance?


Written by George McClellan

Why does it constantly seem that government, name any one but for this purpose our own Federal Government, appears to be so inept? It’s because it is inept! Within any organization where the worker bees are made comfortable with themselves, ineptitude and mediocrity becomes the acceptable standard of performance. Add mandated “affirmative action” programs to that mix and the worker bee class will habitually conform to fit their lowest level of incompetence within their comfort zone because they know they can almost never be fired for any reason. With that we will always end up with a Pelosi Congress.

A President, who has risen up out of the primordial swamp where their political careers have gestated over many years, like Joe Biden’s, is usually considered safe to maintain the status quo because they’re already surrounded by comfortable worker bees who will assure their Masters that the status quo isn’t altered, even accidentally or worse, by design. Campaign promises made are as quickly ignored once the successful candidate, be they Democrat or Republican, is safely ensconced in the Oval Office. And the con game goes on!

In 2016, America hesitatingly embarked on a new path to understanding the gifts our forefathers left for us by men who struggled to make it right, casting aside the original, but unworkable Articles of Confederation to arrive at what is now our enduring Constitution. It is for that very reason our always broken government was challenged by alarmed American who voted for the non-politician Donald Trump. And, he’s kept his promises. To the Progressive Left who thought they were on a continuing roll, Trump’s election was a blasphemous sacrilege to their lucrative elitism. Such a deal.

Predictably, the status quo crowd went berserk and launched a continuing hate campaign against Donald Trump. To maintain their self-serving posture, their tactics have become a laughable exercise in futility because the target of their ire, Donald Trump, is like an armadillo trashing all the old shibboleths that kept the Deep State viable. He not only deflects their assaults on his presidency, he counter-attacks as no president has ever done before and they don’t know how to handle it. The corruption has been exposed but, do we stand back in shock? Naw! We’ve become immune to their double standards!

A logical solution to dismantling the “status quo” that is the Deep State is to make it no longer a goal for incompetent job seeker’s while driving out those bottom feeders already comfortably ensconced there. First, lower the salaries to be competitive with outside industries. Distribute Wash. DC around the country. Make civil service positions rotatable including supervisors and forbid unionization of the civil service. What does rotatable mean? Just like the Dept. of Defense, many DoD civilians get PCS蜉 transfers to different parts of the country, or world, within the same agency that hired them. Those who choose not to move, can seek compatible employment in their local private industry.

On the professional side of the Deep State, those bureaus and agencies that do not unionize like in the State Dept., DoJ, FBI, IRS and the several Intelligence agencies, already move their assets from time to time for promotions or occasionally punishment. But move they will if they are looking for a retirement. For the Justice Dept., the problem there is that they are staffed mostly by liberal thinking lawyers. In Obama’s DoJ it appears the corruption by Progressivism had deep roots. Honest lawyers won’t stick around. The same for the FBI. Why do we see more “former” FBI agents than retired ones? An honest man simply won’t abide the corruption.

The FBI’s problem can be solved by never, ever, ever appointing a lawyer out of the DoJ to be Director. That job should exclusively go to a career agent who has risen up through the ranks and knows the agency inside and out. Solutions are easy, it just take the will. Trump has it. Let’s get cracking!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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